Weapon of Mass Creation (WMC)

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New Zealand’s original trail tool has been tweaked in response to customer feedback and field trials.These small but significant changes in version 15 have been thoroughly tested and we’re stoked to be able to bring them to you, as they make a real difference in the field.

-Making the main cutting blade wider and curved in 2 planes makes sculpting dirt more efficient and easier on the body
-Longer raking tines make for better loose material movement
-Curved axe blade offers more impact over the previous straight blade
-Sharp edges all round the head offer more cutting surfaces for quicker removal of vegetation
-Stainless steel fasteners provide long term security and durability
-The bottle opener remains as a core feature for post work celebrations
-All this whilst keeping the proven weight the same for maximum effectiveness out on the trail/worksite/garden

Handle options are: 900mm custom designed Hickory handle or 1250mm straight Ash handle

Proudly designed and made in Dunedin with New Zealand made components.

$150 plus $15 shipping

$10 from each tool purchase goes to TF