1% For Trails

The idea behind our “1% for Trails” programme is that small contributions over large numbers of sales transactions can make a big difference. The goal is to get a wide range of importer and retail partners contributing 1% of revenue / turnover to Trail Fund NZ for the purpose of supporting trail development projects around New Zealand.

Our 1% for Trails supporters include:

    • Just MTB – unique NZ mountain biking vacations and adventures on real single track and designed for avid mountain bikers.
    • MTB Skills Clinics – the original and the most comprehensive mountain bike skills clinics in New Zealand, from beginner to pinner MTB Skills Clinics have something for you.
    •  Sweet Cheeks NZ - Natural chamois creams made from the highest quality NZ Beeswax, herbs and essential oils. Simple, effective, and healing all Sweet Cheeks products are hand made in Wanaka using natural products sourced from NZ whenever possible.

These sponsors support the 1% for Trails initiative because they want to support sustainable trail building projects in a meaningful and sustainable way across the country. 

Our partners benefit from being able to show that your brand is actively supporting our sport and gaining visibility for those efforts to a fast growing community of consumers interested in moving our sport forward. For our part Trail Fund NZ will provide logo support, stickers you can use in point of sale (and give to customers,) supporting material from Trail Fund NZ, online promotions and plenty of thank you’s via our various online channels.

If you’d like to be involved, get in touch with Ben Wilde.