Wanted: Online Marketing Whiz

twitter_logoLove mountain biking? Love marketing? Well then do we have the ‘job’ for you. Trail Fund NZ is looking for an online marketing maverick to join the team and help us drive the project forward.

The ideal person would already be spending waaaaay too much time worrying about social media reach, cost per like, content and klout. But don’t worry if you’re not ideal yet, we can help with that, show you the ropes and then give you enough to…

The main requirement other than a love of marketing is that you are a true self starter (i.e. we don’t have to spell everything out for you) and that you are are already well paid or at least being kept in a manner to which they have become accustomed. Living off a student loan works too. While we can give you the chance to develop one of the fastest growing brands in the New Zealand outdoor industry and put your name and LinkedIn profile to it.

What we can’t provide you is money. Any. At all. It’s a volunteer thing.

So perhaps you are already in a well paid marketing position within a soulless industry pedaling crap to unsuspecting consumers. We can probably help you save your soul, at the cost of only a few hours a week.

We can’t pay you in $$ but we can help you accelerate your marketing career if that’s what you’re looking for. Or perhaps you’ve been there done that and want to give something back to a sport you love. Cause-based marketing is the smiley, happy, slightly hippy cousin of the regular variety where your audience actually wants to hear from you and people give you free stuff like advertising space in all the top industry rags. Trails take it to another level altogether, I mean, who doesn’t want to help make more awesome single track (etc.) for us all to enjoy. Enlightened self interest.

If it sounds like you, simply track us down via the interwebs and tell us why you’d like to get involved.