Want to go ride some Tramping Tracks?

kahikatea-walk-lowExciting news! Bill Russell, one of the stalwarts of the Manawatu Mountain Bike Club, has been working on a trial permit scheme with the Department of Conservation that will allow some of the Ruahine tramping tracks to be ridden.

Much of it is really old school hike a bike stuff, but the idea is to gather feedback and gauge interest for DOC to justify investment to potentially open these trails up further. Full details on tracks and how to apply for a permit are here:


It’s a simple web form that you fill out and then you’ll get your “permit”.  Questions? Drop us an email and we will pass your questions onto Bill.

This type of scheme is very much a ‘use it or lose it’situation, for those of you in Wellington and Hawkes Bay consider visiting to hit up some sweet technical trails and good old fashioned adventure riding!