Walking Access Fund

rs-walking-accessThe Walking Access Commission has money for you. Well to be more specific, they have funding that your project can apply for if your project enhances access for walkers in New Zealand. The majority of our mountain biking trails in New Zealand are dual use and that means it’s not just mountain bikers who benefit from them but walkers as well.

Funding applications for the Commission’s “Enhanced Access Fund” close two weeks from today (on March 16th) so there isn’t a whole lot of time. The good news is that the application form is very streamlined. All the information is on the website and if you have questions you can either go straight to the source or drop us an email here at Trail Fund NZ and we can probably assist you in putting together your application.

We are expecting to work a lot more with the Walking Access Commission in the future, Rosara and Ben from Trail Fund NZ recently met with the team and we will be working towards a formal partnership. In the meantime let’s help them by making sure they get plenty of good quality applications.