Trail Fund's Spring Grant Round helps prep trails for summer riding

Trail Fund's Spring Grant Round helps prep trails for summer riding

Two very different trail projects – one near Auckland and one in North Canterbury – are benefiting from Trail Fund’s latest general funding round, and no doubt a variety of riders will benefit as well.

Trail Fund is pleased to provide funding for maintenance on the Waipara Valley Vineyard Trail, which is being built by Hurunui Trails Trust volunteers to encourage cycling and walking in the Waipara Valley.

“We are a charitable trust that has built this trail from scratch through our own fundraising initiatives,” says trust member Penelope Naish. “It passes through world-class vineyards and historic farms, and is designed for cyclists, walkers and joggers – young and old. The views across the valley to the main divide is truly remarkable and we’re pleased to report that it’s already being well used.

“Our vision is to have a network of cycling and walking trails throughout the district.”

Up north, West Coast Riders Club (WCRC) was also pleased to receive a grant from Trail Fund to purchase trail building tools for the club.

“We are seeing more and more people coming out to our working bees and, while that’s awesome, we were struggling to provide tools to everyone as we don’t have many club-owned ones,” says club member Brendan Leonard.

“We are finding quite an increase in people using the trails now, so more maintenance is required. We are doing our very best to keep the trails running well, so it’s great to receive Trail Fund support that ensures we can continue to do so.”

WCRC is a is a registered charity dedicated to the creation and preservation of a free-to-ride mountain bike facility located approximately 30 minutes North-West of central Auckland in Riverhead Forest.

Designed for riders of all abilities and skills, the WCRC trail network is a popular mountain biking destination in the Auckland region for both families and enthusiasts alike, featuring 25 trails and one of Auckland’s best pump tracks.

These grants are made possible by those of you who buy our Trail Fund merchandise, who donate money and by the businesses who support us.

The next general funding round closes on 1 April. Visit HERE to apply.