Trail Fund NZ Trail User Survey 2014

Trail_Fund_Logo_v3_with_tag_lineIt’s time for the 2nd Annual Trail Fund NZ Trail User Survey -> click here to get it done now!

This is one of the single most important things that Trail Fund NZ does. Last year’s survey (click here for the summary data) helped a number of projects around the country in their advocacy efforts. Being able to show the potential value of mountain biking to the economy is a game changer for many groups.

The summary data (all anonymous) also helped influence the thinking internally at key land management organisations such as the Department of Conservation because of our ability to illustrate the opportunity that mountain biking represents both in terms of getting people off the couch around the country and in economic terms. Being able to quantify the economic value of mountain biking is hugely important.

The survey is once again anonymous (unless you write a personally identifying comment in the suggestions section!) and we don’t sell the data but we do provide the summary report to anyone who wants to use it to support trails advocacy.

If you do nothing else this year to support trails please spend the few minutes it takes and share the word, push it out to your Facebook friends, mountain biking buddies, Club members and your grandparents if they ride mountain bikes. Feel free to ask people on the trail if they have done the survey yet or not!

Thanks again for supporting Trail Fund NZ in this effort, remember to click here to get it done now and then share!