Tools Taylored for your Trails!


5-in-1 Trail Boss

Hilton Taylor has been supplying tools to trail builders around NZ for a while now and his tools have a great reputation. After a short break he’s now got more product in stock and to make things even easier they are available via our own Trail Fund NZ store.

The tools are all $120 including shipping and every tool that goes out the door generates a net $10 for our National Trail Fund to help fuel even more trail building. That’s an easy win for Trail Fund NZ and a great tool for your project.

Hilton offers three products: the do-it-all “5 in 1” Trail Boss, the popular Trail Rake and the classic Hilty Hoe.

The Trail Rake and the Trail Boss are both designed to be able to be taken apart for easy transport to the worksite (observe the quick release that secures the head to the handle) and all are made with super durable materials and solid design so they can take a pounding.

You can order yours now and be Hilton will dispatch them straight out to you. Easy!


Hilty Hoe

Hilty Hoe


Trail Rake