Show Me The Money

expedio_leading_smallIn the next couple of weeks we will be announcing the list of projects around the country that will be recipients of what will probably be our largest funding round to date so we thought it was a good time to remind everyone where the money comes from that enables us to fund those grants. While a big and very important chunk of it comes from riders like yourself making donations or buying merchandise from Trail Fund NZ but the really big cheques to date have come from a handful of sponsors who have written multi-thousand dollar cheques to support the work we are doing.

Three in particular that have contributed significantly to our finances are Black Seal Imports (Yeti Bicycles, cSixx Components, Urge Helmets and Brake Authority products), Licence to RideCamelBak NZ and Expedio Industrial Property from South Auckland.

We can’t really say ‘Thank You’ enough to these major contributors and so we thought we would start with another round of thanks to our friends at Expedio.  Last year they contributed $5000 to Trail Fund NZ and the process of getting that funding took all of a week to sort out. They approached Trail Fund NZ with a quick email and a week later, to the day, we had $5000 in our accounts.

That funding has enabled us to get $$ out to a whole lot of projects around the country including to the team building trails in Hunua (South East of Auckland) and we have three grant additional applications from Auckland going to our Advisory Board this week including one in South Auckland itself.

The motivations to donate that sort of cash are clearly not primarily about profile and marketing (after all, how many of you are making significant industrial property leasing decisions in the next year? Probably not many). Rather as believers in the Law of Reciprocity the team at Expedio, some of whom are pretty keen trail running types, got on-board because they thought it was the right thing to do. Nice.

So a big thanks again from everyone at Trail Fund for this support Expedio and from all the projects that we have been able to fund so far as a result of that contribution. Cheers.